How We Help You

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Sheila has
• Formal accounting training (Masters degree in Accounting),
• Accounting experience (over a decade),
• Quickbooks training (ProAdvisor certification),
• Quickbooks experience (over a decade),
• a best-selling book in the area of business bookkeeping.

At GetAGrip, we do not outsource your accounting, hand it down the chain to an entry-level accountant who just got certified in QB, nor do we hand it off to a bookkeeper who has no formal accounting training and couldn’t tell you the difference between a Balance Sheet or Income Statement account. Sheila handles your work herself.

We offer everything from doing all the accounting for you (and you do your deposits) to more targeted consulting and training services. Sheila has worked with business owners in a broad spectrum of industries and has clients who use QB Online, Desktop (Pro, Premier, Accountant), and Enterprise.

Solid financials allow you to make worry-free decisions that can lead to great profitability and peace of mind. By having relevant, reliable, and timely information, we put you behind the wheel of the bus and do not throw you under it.

Please phone Sheila today at 419-515-9218 … let’s see if we can help you out and get you the accounting and financials you deserve.

Enjoy the FAQ section (below) of Sheila’s best-selling book: Business Bookkeeping Guide to Accounting: Master Business Accounting Basics In 4 Easy Steps. Sheila asks questions from a business owner’s perspective and then answers them. Get the answers to questions such as: Why do I need to be able to read financial statements? What is the absolute minimum I need to learn about my books right now? Can’t I just outsource all my bookkeeping and accounting? What is the purpose of Financial Reporting?