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QuickBooks And Accounting
Made Easy


Feeling frustrated and a bit overwhelmed with your accounting and Quickbooks? Wearing too many hats? Know that you are not alone. Many small business owners share similar problems and complaints. The good news is you can begin to quickly address the issue. It all starts with a plan of action based upon your unique circumstances.   After we come up with your plan, you can then decide to execute the plan on your own or continue working with me.   Either way, you now have a solid roadmap to move forward. Stop the pain and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Level 1 – Do it yourself Training – $39.97

Coming in June

Level 2 – Access to our training materials – $75

Spend 1 hour with me and we’ll come up with a written plan to get your Quickbooks cleaned up based upon your unique situation. This will provide more specific feedback than the Quick and Dirty Plan.

Level 3 – Rockstar Plan – $75/hour

This is a no-holds bar plan. It intensely examines your books to provide the most specific feedback on exactly what you need to do.

Level 4 – Outsource – $75/hour

This is where you have so much else going on, you really don’t want to deal with this, you just want it fixed.