Initial Consultations & Short Term Projects

$49 /hr.

Get A Grip Rate

  • This is our rate for consulting and short-term projects
  • Take an initial look at your books
  • Help you straighten out your current books
  • Come up with an action plan to get you where you need to be with your accounting

Get A Grip Monthly

$39 /hr.

Keep A Grip

  • This is our Bookkeeping Rate for our long-term customers only who would like our help on an on-going monthly basis.
  • Save $10 Off Our Normal Rate $49 Per Hour
  • If you want us to take care of all the accounting and payroll for you, we can even if you do not have Quickbooks!
  • You may want to do part of the work and have us do part.  Whether you enter estimates or sales receipts on your tablet or phone in the field or you have an in-house bookkeeper … we can provide you with the level of service that best fits your growing business.

QuickBooks And Accounting Training

$75 /Hour

Get A Better Grip For Up To 8 People

  • We offer both Online and In person QuickBooks And Accounting Training
  • We can train you, your staff, or your Bookkeeper on how to best use QuickBooks to keep your Accounting On Track
  • Minimum 1 Hour Online Or 3 Hours In Person.  Travel Expenses May Apply
  • Click Below To Contact Us And Get You Set Up!